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Snowy River Press offers ebooks Snow River Books offers print books. Our original and exclusive Christian fiction series continue to grow in popularity with our readers.

This type of literature offers readers a chance to explore stories that are centered around themes from the Bible and Christian values. Snowy River Press™specializes in creating sagas, long-running Christian fiction series, by offering episodes ranging from 8K to 20K words each.

We use cliffhanger endings for all of our series. If you prefer completed books, without cliffhangers, you can purchased these books from our Snowy River Books division. 

Additionally, each series has its own format and desired length per episode, so it’s important for potential buyers to check out all the details before making their purchase decision.

Our original content books and ebooks are sold exclusively at Peacock Books & Wildlife Art, a bricks-and-mortar bookstore and gallery with our own shelf space for our books. Our readers and their customers love reading about faith-based topics through our illustrated books and fictional stories.

There will always be something suitable for everyone at Peacock Books & Wildlife Art–thanks largely due to dedication by Snowy River Press and Snowy River Books among other imprints that offer high-quality exclusive and original content.

This publishing imprint is not open to outside submissions, all work is original content, written in-house.

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